What's Next?

What's Next?

1. Auto-starting your node

Up until this point we have been running the node in the foreground which is fragile and inconvenient. So let's start the node as a service when the system boots up instead.

pageAuto-Starting a Node

2. Creating a backup node

After that, it would be smart to create a backup server to enable you to make software updates, troubleshoot issues with the node, and otherwise take your node offline without causing service outages.

pageBackup Servers

3. Fire up another node 🔥

You've got a Witness node. Now you'll need a BOS node. And since you're in the node making mood, how about a SON too?

pageIntroduction to BOSpageInstallation Guides

4. Enable SSL to encrypt your node traffic

If you have a node that is accessible from the internet (for example, an API or Seed node) it would be wise to enable SSL connections to your node.

pageReverse Proxy for Enabling SSL

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