The replay screen is displayed by clicking on the REPLAY button on the Dashboard header.

The purpose of the Replay feature is to give you a manual way to send, or re-send, game create incidents to all of the BOS endpoints if for any reason they weren't correctly sent before.

Normally you won't need to use this feature very often as a create incident is automatically sent every time a game is created. But there could be occasions when the application correctly records a game as being created but the information isn't recorded by the BOS nodes. If that happened then running a Replay will 'flush' all the games between the start and end dates and send create incidents to the BOS nodes a second time.

Important: The Replay feature can only be used for games that are not yet started. Once a game is started a new create incident would be ignored.

You can select sports and leagues individually using check-boxes, or select / de-select all sports and leagues by using the Select All checkbox/toggle.

Set the range of data to be replayed by entering values in the Start and End fields.

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