Data Proxy Set Up

Data proxies are a concept introduced in Peerplays blockchain to anonymize input data feeds. For now we are using the same to anonymize sports data feeds in a decentralized manner. This document provides setup instructions.


We are assuming Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Python3.X available by default as the versions to be supported.

Prepare the servers

  • Update and upgrade the server with the correct packages

apt update ; apt install -y gunicorn mongodb-server virtualenv python3 python3-dev git htop mosh openssl libssl-dev

  • Get the code

git clone

The data proxy configuration file should be at the top level folder, ie bos-dataproxy-legacy. The sample file config-example.yaml can be copied to config-dataproxy.yam

  • Install the necessary package by running This calls internally to assemble everything.

cd bos-dataproxy-legacy; source

PS: for production this will be

These steps will install the necessary packages. Now for every feed provider, we will have to use the Provider functionality and write wrappers to fetch the code. Once the code is fetched, this will be normalized and passed on to the BOS component.

Running the dev environment using the following command starts the general environment.


For example, using Scorespro as a provider:

make sure that the configuration file config-dataproxy.yaml is in the working directory and run the following command. The above script is a wrapper. Example configuration file is provided.

python scorespro run_here


(env) root@208e204975be:~/work/code/BOS/l/bos-dataproxy-legacy# python scorespro run_hereSetting up logger handling for dataproxy...... done2019-08-07 16:51:50,560 INFO dataproxy: Custom config has been loaded from working directory: config-dataproxy.yaml2019-08-07 16:51:50,708 INFO bos_incidents: Custom config has been loaded ;config-defaults.yaml;incident_storage_config.yamlSetting up logger handling for dataproxy...... done2019-08-07 16:52:03,106 INFO dataproxy.provider.scorespro.pap_task: Sport SOC found and added to history watch

How is data fetched from a provider ?

We have code available for a few other data feed providers which is available on request.

For additional providers, we need to pull or receive push data and then write a wrapper to handle it.

How to start the services as a daemon

We can use the screen command to start the above commands in daemon mode.

Nginx Reverse Proxy

To be added. Not mandatory unless the status needs to be published.

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