Configuration of bos-auto

Configuration of bos-auto

Warning: At this point it's crucial to set the default witness node to your own server (ideally running inlocalhost, see below config.yaml) using peerplays set node ws://ip:port. If this step is skipped the setup will not work, or at best will work with very high latency.

Setup Your python-peerplays Wallet

# you will be asked to provide a new wallet passphrase. Later in the
# tutorial you will be asked to store that password in a file
# (config.yaml)
peerplays createwallet

# to add the key we need to make the node known (preferably on localhost)
peerplays set node ws://localhost:8090

peerplays addkey
# You will be prompted to enter your active private key for the witness

Funding the Account

Since your Witness account is going to create and approve proposals automatically, you need to ensure that the Witness account is funded with PPY.

Modify Configuration

We now need to configure bos-auto:

mv config-example.yaml config.yaml
# modify config.yaml

The variables are described below:

The following options need to be set:

node: ws://localhost:8090. If not running a local installation then change this to any Testnet (Beatrice) API node.

network: beatrice. Only change if you're not using this Testnet.

Important: Make sure you set a Redis password during the Redis installation.

# Please see bos_auto/config-defaults.yaml for description

node: ws://localhost:8090

network: beatrice

redis_password: <your redis password>

passphrase: <your python peerplays wallet password>

BOOKIE_PROPOSER: <your witness account name>

BOOKIE_APPROVER: <your witness account name>

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