Sports Tabs

The sports tab runs horizontally across the dashboard and displays one tab for each sport that is enabled. The tabs are dynamic and configured through the MySql database Sports table.

The order the sports tabs are displayed in is defined by their id value in the Sports table.

There is no limit on the number of sports tabs that can be created. If the tabs reach the horizontal limit of the application then they will stack in to multiple rows. Realistically there should never be so many sports enabled at any one time to cause the tabs to be stacked.

Important: The sports tabs must be 100% configurable through the database only. Sports must be added or removed without any code changes.

Clicking on any unselected tab will:

  1. Update the Leagues Tabs to show only the leagues associated with the selected sport.

  2. Change the calendar display to show only events for the selected sport and league.

By default, when a new sports tab is selected the league will default to the first one in the list.





[sports name]


Value set in Sports table



Path and name defined in the icon column of the Sports table.

The icon itself must exist in the corresponding asset/imgs folder in the application

Note: There is no restriction on the icons/images to be used for each sport, but logically they should reflect the sport!







Change calendar and leagues to selected sport.

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