Introduction to Faucet

What is a Faucet?

A faucet is an API service and associated blockchain account, controlled by an automated script, that listens for new account creation requests. As a response, the faucet will register a new account on the chain for the recipient. In some cases, the faucet might also send a small amount of token to the new account to cover the transaction fees or other needs.

What is the necessity of a Faucet?

  • A Faucet acts as a platform to allow any User to self-create an account even before they have funds to pay the fees for account creation.

  • A Faucet is significant in the process of onboarding new Users to the Peerplays blockchain and other related chains (Example: Testnet Chains).

Where does Faucet fit into the Peerplays infrastructure?

Any wallet or blockchain-connected application or service that offers its users free account registration will need to rely on a faucet. In order to request new account creation, the wallet or other blockchain-enabled application communicates with the Faucet API. The Faucet runs as an API endpoint to connect with the application. As the User's client software handles the Faucet, there is no necessity for the user to directly connect with Faucet.

Who runs Faucet?

  1. Anyone can run Faucet.

  2. PBSA runs faucet as public service to facilitate on-boarding requests.

  3. Private parties executing private business logic on-chain, who might want to run their own faucet exclusive to their users.

How to Install Faucet?

PBSA maintains the Faucet installation guide. Click the below link to learn the steps in detail,

What are the features of Faucet?

  • Direct account creation

  • Fund transfer

  • Send PPY/token for account creation

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