Challenge Grid

The challenge grid is a very simple way of viewing and filtering all of the StreamersEdge challenges. It is opened by clicking on the View More button on the dashboard.

The challenges are shown one page at a time; additional pages can be scrolled to using the arrows at the bottom of the screen.

Each challenge has the following detail:

  • Time to start streaming.

  • Total Donations accumulated.

  • Challenge Name.

  • Game.

Sorting Challenges

The challenges can be sorted according to any of the options in the drop down list. Available options are:

  • Challenges By Name

  • Challenges By Game

  • Challenges By Start Date

  • Challenges By Creation Date

  • Challenges By Total Donation

  • Active Challenges

Once a sort option is selected the challenges in the challenge grid will be sorted according to the selected criteria.

The search feature on the Challenge Grid works exactly the same as the search feature in the left menu and can be combined with whichever sort criteria is selected.

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