Challenge Details

The Challenge Details screen can be displayed when any challenge is selected from the challenge list shown on either the dashboard or from search results.

The following details are shown:

  • The challenge name and the game.

  • The streamer's username and avatar. On clicking the avatar the streamers profile page will be opened.

  • A URL for the live stream. On clicking this link, the Twitch stream will be opened in a new tab.

  • Previous donations.

  • Current bounty.

  • Game status - either Open, Live or Resolved.

  • Challenge Name.

  • Game.

If the challenge is Open or Live you can make a donation by clicking on the CONDITIONALLY DONATE button, or share the challenge on social media by clicking on the SHARE button.

Note: All donations are conditional upon the challenge being completed. Donations are returned to the donators if a challenge is lost.

For more information on making donations and sharing challenges see:

pageMaking Conditional DonationspageCreating a Challenge

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