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Configuring Witness Node as Delayed Node

Delayed node is the difference between the time that a node announces the discovery of a new block or a transaction and the time that other node receives the information for a period of operation.
The witness_node program now can be used to serve the features that was served by delayed_node.


To use witness_node as a delayed node, some options are required to be configured appropriately.

1. Disable P2P connection

Start witness_node with command line option --seed-nodes="[]" and/or --p2p-endpoint=, or configure the options in config.ini:
p2p-endpoint =
seed-nodes = []

2. Enable delayed_node plugin

Start witness_node with --plugins="delayed_node [and other required plugins]", or configure it in config.ini:
plugins = delayed_node

3. Fetch blocks from a trusted witness node via RPC

Start witness_node with --trusted-node="ip.address.of.the.witness.node:rpc-port", or configure it in config.ini:
trusted-node = ip.address.of.the.witness.node:rpc-port

Sample Configurations

Assuming the RPC endpoint of the trusted node is, we can have following options in config.ini of a delayed node.
p2p-endpoint =
seed-nodes = []
plugins = delayed_node account_history api_helper_indexes
trusted-node =
The plugin code is available in the below location,